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You can add your social accounts at the time you 'Sign Up' for Monki Rep OR you can add it after your account is Approved. Once your account is approved, you can login to your Monki Rep account and navigate to the 'Edit Profile' section under the profile menu on the top right. Check your basic information and click on 'NEXT STEP'. In Section 2 'Your Preferences', you will be able to connect each of your socials to Monki Rep system. If you have a business Instagram Account, please ensure you connect the Facebook account that is linked to your business Instagram account. This is how the system accesses your Instagram insight data. Your Facebook data is not considered or reported, it simply validates that you are the owner of the Instagram account and allows access to the Instagram data. To connect your TikTok account, provide your TikTok username then click on "Connect" and authorize Monki Rep to connect to your TikTok account.
Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms reserve the right to disconnect your accounts from Monki Rep as they require. Unfortunately we have no control over the time and frequency of when this happens. For example, if you update your password or change your Instagram handle, this can trigger the accounts to be disconnected from the Monki Rep system. If this happens you will be prompted to reconnect in Monki Rep.
If we feel you would be a good fit for a specific collaboration, you will automatically be matched to the opportunity and will receive an email notification from the Monki Rep system with details of the collaboration. You can choose to 'Apply' to the opportunity from that email. You may also be personally invited to apply to a collaboration and you will be able to see these invitation in your 'In Progress' tab within the Monki Rep system. You will also receive an email with the details of these invitations from the system.
All collaborations are created with a certain target audience and a specific type of customer in mind. In some instances your audience, reach and possibly the location of your followers may not match the criteria for the collaboration. We are constantly working to expand our customer base, so please keep checking back in for opportunities that might be a suitable fit.
If you have a product that doesn't fit or is not suitable, please notify your campaign manager. You will be required to return your item using the return slip enclosed in your Monki parcel. Monki will place a separate order for you with the updated product.
If you have been appointed to a collaboration, log into your account on Monki Rep and navigate to your ‘In Progress’ tab. Click on ‘Generate Links’ to access the Link Generator. You can easily generate your personalised tracking links for all products you will be promoting from this area of the system. The more links you include, the greater chance of driving more traffic and sales for Monki. Include your custom tracking links (shortened slinks links) in all promotion including social media and blog posts you have agreed to share. You can also generate links by navigating to the 'Links' tab to promote your items organically. Pick a product from the Monki Website and click on 'ADD LINK'. The system will generate a link that you can use on your social media and any posts you share without being part of a collaboration. For more information on how to generate your links, please refer to the Link Generation Quick Reference Guide
If your social media channels are connected to Monki Rep, all media will pull into the Monki Rep system. To avoid the requirement to manually add media in Monki Rep, please ensure your social media channels are connected prior to going live with any content. To connect your social media channels, navigate to 'Edit Profile' to connect your social media accounts to Monki Rep. To ensure your Instagram stories pull correctly into the system, it is important to tag Monki correctly in the story. Please ensure you use the text tool to tag @monki rather than the sticker tool. Any stories where you have used the sticker tool will need to be loaded manually into Monki Rep. An example of how to correctly tag in stories can be accessed here.
Once you have completed all the agreed collaboration deliverables, log into Monki Rep and navigate to your ‘In Progress’ tab. Click on ‘Record Completion’ and review all the tabs. Please check that all the content you have shared as part of the collaboration have been captured and then click on ‘SUBMIT’ For more information on how to record completion, please refer to the Record Completion Quick Reference Guide.
There is a 30 day window before the commission you have earned is displayed in your Monki Rep account. Customers have a 30 day window to return product, so the commissions are not confirmed and approved until the 30 days has past. Once confirmed, the commissions will be visible in your payments tab and available for you to bank into your bank account.
Customers have the option to return purchases within 30 days and hence your sales will only be confirmed and marked as 'Approved' 30 days following the customer purchase. Once 30 days have passed, you will be able to see the commission earned in the 'Payments' tab of your profile. Once you have reached the minimum value to 'Bank' your commission payments, you will be able to bank these monies directly into your bank account.
You can only 'Bank' your payments when the total reaches more than £50. Payments will be made direct into your nominated bank account. Please make sure that you have entered your bank details in the Monki Rep system. Please ensure that your bank account is set up to receive payments from third parties.
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